During the Covid lockdown in Australia, my husband Nick, received a call from work to ask him to consider a move to the Asian Financial hub, Hong Kong. We had just had our little girl Marnie, and were settling into life as new parents. I was due to go back to work shortly, to my Divisional Merchandise Manager Womenswear role at TK Maxx Australia, and I was super excited. I had wanted that job for ages! We thought long and hard, and we decided to take the leap of faith and be guided by the path our life was trying to take. 

When we arrived in Hong Kong, after the two weeks quarantine, with a toddler, (we were lucky as it got extended to 3 weeks shortly after our arrival!), we were free to make our life here. We started with finding somewhere to live, and we chose Discovery Bay. One of the things I had decided in quarantine, was that I wanted to start my own business. I had been very inspired by my previous boss who had just done it, and made a success of it, and although I would be starting on a smaller scale, and on my own, it was something I was craving too. 

She Creates Stories was born. Where did we think of the name? Well after working in the Retail Buying Industry for nearly 20 years (I know right.... where did the time go?) one of my favourite parts of my job, was to travel overseas, put the product collections together and create the fashion stories for our loyal customers. I loved working with colour palettes and prints, and felt like this was my calling. I was doing something I LOVED. It wasn't work to me, it was my passion. 

On moving to Discovery Bay in January 2021, I decided to start working on this business idea more carefully. On speaking with our potential customers in the local area, there was a real gap for well priced Womenswear for different body shapes. We are hoping to grow our collection of brands who cater to all different kinds of women, and stock brands and clothing that is "not the average". We hope you'll come along with us for the journey, and we look forward to helping you create your very own story.