Ethical... Slow... Sustainable

Ethical Fashion is about demanding quality, not only from the clothes we wear, but in the quality of lives of the people who are making it.

Palm Collective believe in the ‘slow fashion movement’ which is about wearing or purchasing clothing that not only uses high-quality fabrics that will stand the test of time, but purchasing a design that you will still ‘love’ years after your purchase.

They believe sustainable design is about the cut of a garment and how flattering it is to wear. It’s not the latest fad trend, but something that you can pull out and wear years from now, and still get ‘compliments.

Palm Collective advocates ethical and sustainable practices through their design process, fabric selection, manufacturing activities, and packaging choices.

Model wearing the green playsuit from Palm Collective

Sustainable Fibres

Sustainable fibres and fabrics are at the focus of the collections. The team design most of their garments using eco-friendly (and equally scrumptious to wear) fabrics such as rayon and linen.

Rayon is produced from renewable cellulosic plants such as beech trees, pine trees, and bamboo. Sustainably harvested, rayon has an incredible silk-like drape and is very soft to touch.  Rayon uses half the energy and water consumption than harvesting cotton.

Linen is an environmentally friendly fabric made from the flax plant. Growing flax requires less water and fewer pesticides then cotton, making it one of the best sustainable fabric choices. The durability of linen means it lasts longer than other materials, and it’s strong, naturally moth resistant make-up is also bio-de-gradable.

Ethical Manufacture

Palm Collective work with small family run artisan workshops in Indonesia, and they pay them above average wages. They consider our sewers, patternmakers and tailors' part of our family.   A lot of their manufacturing teams are husband and wife duos.  Working with family run workshops gives our tailors ‘work-life’ balance, allowing them the flexibility to earn money and raise a family at the same time. Due to the flexibility of their workshops, many of the tailors are able to work around school hours, allowing them time to spend with their kids.

Each collection is curated for the island nomadic life and encompasses a sun-kissed, free-spirited, sustainable bohemian resort vibe.

You can see why we LOVE this brand here at She Creates Stories and their fabrics are PERFECT for the hot weather. You can shop the full collection here. 

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