The designers behind BEC + BRIDGE, Bec Cooper and Bridget Yorston met in 2000 - it was their first day at Sydney’s University of Technology. While a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion & Textiles was the reason the two initially crossed paths, it would seem the universe had bigger plans. BEC + BRIDGE, the affectionate pseudonym coined by friends for the inseparable duo - would, just a few years later, come to represent an exciting mainstay in the Australian fashion industry.

    Graduating in 2003 with first class honors, Cooper and Yorston knew what needed to happen next. BEC + BRIDGE was founded and, in 2004, they were invited to show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia.

    After 21 years in business together, the pair behind BEC + BRIDGE have never felt more inspired by what the brand is creating in the Australian fashion industry and, more excitingly still, how Australian design is infiltrating the global market. As women in business, and more specifically, women in the business of fashion, creating a brand that inspires a broad demographic of customers - women of all ages - has become increasingly important to Cooper and Yorston. The designers maintain that the brand, at its very core, must grow with them to ensure it maintains a relevance to where they are in their respective lives.

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