Why Loungewear is here to stay...

2020 changed our lives in a big way. It’s also safe to say it dramatically changed the way we dress. With the need to socially distance ourselves and work from home, those pretty little party dresses and smart office wear have seen the inside of our wardrobes for almost a year now. However, fashion evolves, through seasons, through the need for sustainability…even through a pandemic. And we have witnessed, first-hand, the rise of loungewear.

Model wearing the lemon lounge set from Lullaby Club

As we continue to spend more time in our homes, the loungewear trend is likely to have a long life. 2020 saw almost everyone resort to loungewear during the quarantine. 2021 will be the year they found ways to wear it outside their homes, in style and now 2022 in Hong Kong is looking similar to 2020 annoyingly, so what better than a nice new set to spend the lockdown in.

Loungewear is a look which, when done right, makes you feel comfortable, yet look sophisticated. Even with pjs and jogging bottoms thrown into the mix, there’s a way to approach it correctly such that you can step outside your home and carry off your ensemble in style. The right accessories can add an element of interest as well! The main idea is effortless comfort and effortless chic. We love layers over our loungewear in the cooler months as well to give it an edge - biker jackets and denim jackets lend themselves nicely to this look. 

Pink Lounge Set from Araminta James

Featured above is the Fiji Zip Fleece Set - Terracotta | She Creates Stories

Here are a few considerations that identify why loungewear is the new fashion trend:

The comfort factor

As the name suggests, loungewear must be comfortable enough to lounge in. So, imagine fabrics that are soft, and mold well to the body. Remember, you want to feel cozy but look well put together too. 

Pale Blue Lounge Set

Look good, be productive

Even as the pandemic eases out slowly, you might still find yourself working from home. There’s a psychology involved in dressing up that makes you feel more confident, more optimistic, and makes you more productive too! While you don’t need to dust off your heels and slip into a crisp white shirt at home, there’s always that comfortable, trendy top that is perfect for an appearance on your Zoom calls and also helps brighten your mood! Pair it with a chic pair of shorts that would remain out of the frame, yet make you feel dressed up and geared to achieve your goals for the day!

Fresh palettes

Typically, loungewear is represented in a palette of neutral hues. But 2021 could do with some splashes of colour to add some excitement and joy to the mundane everyday. You can expect to see some cheerful tints and shades liven the spring/summer collections after a dark, cold winter. Check out the Araminta James Terry Set in Fuchsia for the ultimate pink pop! 

Back to the basics

In the current attitude that encourages self care and improving the quality of life, there are many who are choosing to go back to the basics, and choosing function over fashion. Clothes designed in soft, breathable fabrics like cotton that offer freedom and comfort…that allow you to work in, just as easily as lounge in. 

Sustainability and slow fashion

High-quality timeless designs will never go out of style, and the concept of sustainable and slow fashion is in keeping with loungewear. Choose your fabrics wisely – organic cotton, linen, wool are all comfortable fabrics that can be used well, and often. Wearing clothes crafted with the earth in mind won’t just make you a part of something bigger, but will make you feel more peaceful, and snug too.

 Blonde woman wearing beige lounge set

As we have observed in the few years, comfort remains the backbone of fashion, with quality reached through sustainable fabrics and chic designs. Loungewear ticks all the right boxes, and is deservedly, the new fashion trend.

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Bex x