We LOVE helping you style yourself for your special photoshoot here at She Creates Stories. Want to make the whole process easy and stress free? Follow our handy tips to help you nail those perfect portraits. 

Tip 1 - Choose the type of images you want...

A fantastic place to start is to decide whether you want formal or casual pictures. Ask yourself who you are as people. Do you love the beach, are you most at home in nature, are you city slickers?? When you have this question answered the location usually comes naturally. 

Tip 2 - Plan the focus outfit...

Sorry lads, this is usually Mum's, Bride to be's, the newborn or the expectant Mumma. This outfit will become the anchor and base for the colour palette of the rest of the shoot. If you're going for a print, choose a print with colours that you can imagine the rest of the family being pictured in. Think about the location too when you are choosing this. Is it a City shoot in a ritzy venue? Maybe something sparkly? Is it a natural family shoot in nature? Maybe natural tones... and so on. 

Tip 3 - Co-ordinate..

Co-ordination IS KEY. We are not talking matchy matchy scratchy scratchy... lol. We want well thought out, complimentary outfits that sit nicely next to each other. 

Tip 4 - Avoid Distracting Outfits..

Keep it simple stupid .... is usually the best advice. Family/engagement/maternity photos are up on the wall for the rest of your life. Don't pick an outfit that is inappropriate, will date quickly, or direct people's attention away from the beautiful people in the clothes. 

Tip 5 - Make the time to prepare..

Plan the time to shop for the outfits. You could book in a styling session at She Creates Stories to help you with this. Running around at the last minute finding clothing is stressful at the best of times. It is worse in Hong Kong where none of the shops are close together, and sizing can be hard. Shop easily with SCS. We also offer local delivery and pick up to take the stress away from traipsing around the shops. 

Tip 6 - Find the right photographer! 

This is a very important part of the shoot. There are a lot of GREAT photographers here in Hong Kong, and we have compiled a list of some of our favorite's below. Each has a slightly different style and strength, so feel free to check out their websites and see what they can offer you. No matter how amazing our phones are nothing replaces the skill, knowledge or style that a professional photographer has. Consider engaging one as an investment in your family. 

Sugar Drop Photography


Hong Kong Photographer | Delphine Riche-Franz Photography | Hong Kong (drf-photography.com)

Mai Fotography | Discovery Bay HK Family Photographer

ShotByRoy (mypixieset.com)

Tip 7 - Eat before hand

No one likes a grumbly tummy! Make sure you eat a decent meal on the morning of the photoshoot, and ensure you have snacks on hand, especially if you're doing multiple locations as it can be exhausting. If you're shooting with kids as well, ensure you're well prepped with their favourite (lollies are a winner in our house).

Tip 8 - Choose comfortable clothes

Common sense right? I recently bought a sparkly sequin playsuit (it was Christmas and I couldn't resist it) however one hour into wearing it my underarms were scratched to pieces and bright red from the sharp sequins. So imagine if I'd been wearing that for the first time on a photo shoot! Check it's comfortable and practical for what you will be doing and for the weather here in Hong Kong (sweat patches are not a good look). 

Finally..... relax and enjoy! What ever special time in your life you are capturing, these moments are gone so fast, so make sure you embrace every second. 

Shop some of our favourite photoshoot outfits here... 

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Bex x