Palm Collective - Short Sleeve Palms Linen Playsuit

Let's dive into the world of linen – a fabric that weaves together the threads of style, versatility, and sustainability

 Palm Collective - Montana Linen Playsuit - Moss

The Palm Collective Linen Playsuit is perfect for a coffee date with girlfriends or on vacay.

From breezy summer days to cosy evenings, linen offers a symphony of comfort and versatility. Linen's natural breathability ensures you stay cool on warm summer days and provides warmth when the air turns crisp.

Palm Collective - Claudia Shorts - White

This soft but heavy-duty linen shorts from Palm Collective can be worn for weekend beach trips or cafe catchups.

But it's not just about comfort and versatility. Linen is eco-friendly! Derived from the resilient flax plant, linen requires fewer resources to cultivate compared to other fabrics. It's a conscious choice that aligns fashion with responsible living.

Spell - Flora Gingham Short

Spell Flora Gingham Linen Shorts is both comfy and cute, perfect for balmy summer styling.

By embracing linen, you're not just wearing a piece of clothing – you're donning a story of comfort, adaptability, and a commitment to a greener world.

Something 4 Olivia - Sunday Linen Pants

Sunday Linen Pants by Something 4 Olivia channels the essence of summer.

Shop our favourite linen styles and elevate your wardrobe with pieces that mirror your values – choose linen, choose sustainability!


Bex x