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Blonde woman wearing colour block shirt dress
Much like a tweet or a cat video, sometimes a single item of clothing also goes viral — so if you've got several fashion influencers on your radar at present, you'll likely be familiar with the colour block trend. 
This trend has been seen before, but this time around it is bigger and better.
Coming in several different colour combinations, the shirt features a colour contrast on either side, as well as a pocket in the opposite side's corresponding colour.
On paper, it sounds unconventional, and certainly not the first thing you'd think of when shopping for a new shirt but somehow, this style is effortless and fluid in its blends of colour. Perhaps it's the soft hues, or the fact that it's just the perfect amount of oversized.
Whatever you will, it's not hard to see why it's sky rocketed in popularity.
Australian models and influencers including Laura Jade Stone, Jordan Smeik and Jess Alizzi are among the style-set leading the pack of Colour Block Shirt lovers from Down Under.
One of the true lures of the Sun God's Dress style is its versatility. You could wear it with bike shorts and sneakers for a casual day out, or dress it up with belt and heels for a dinner date.
It's also layering friendly—pair it with a giant cardigan or a grandpa vest for a bit of 2021 'It Girl' energy.
Given the shirt dress is doing some major rounds on social media at the moment, it's no surprise that stockists are already selling it out—we'd recommend getting in quick if you want it! We only have limited size available at the moment. 
Shop the Sun God's Shirt Dress here... 

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