What to wear in Singapore? A guide to stylishly dressing in the humidity.

A lot of people have recently relocated to Singapore from Hong Kong, and now travel has opened up can pop across for a trip to see friends and have a long weekend. Not sure what to wear in the Lion City? We have you covered! Keep reading for more tips and tricks for how to look stylish in Singapore. 


Woman wearing a gingham dress in Singapore


Singapore is a wonderful city and a great place to escape the cold. Its temperatures are pretty consistent year-round, making it a great place to live and a fantastic holiday destination – 23°C - 34°C (73°F-93°F) all year round. The humidity can vary, but you can be sure it will probably be humid when you get there, and it may actually rain quite a bit as well. The tropical monsoons here are quite normal and comes with the territory, expect a shower once a day. Not sure what clothes to buy to wear here? Check out our links to suitable styles and fabrics, to keep you fashionable and comfortable! 


Singapore clothing is pretty unique, because outside the weather is hot, so you want to be cool and comfortable, whilst indoor there is usually (quite aggressive) Air conditioning, so you can be a bit chilly! People here don't wear skimpy clothes or show off a lot of flesh, they usually wear dresses, shorts, skirts and obviously swimwear is an absolute must as a lot of time is spent at the pool. 



Singapore isn't as reserved as say places like the UAE, but shorts aren't really that popular here. However, it's always good to have some in your wardrobe, especially for chucking on when you go to the pool. I would steer clear of anything in the hot pant territory, as you will get some looks, people in Singapore are a little more conservative. A great mid-thigh denim short will be one of your "go to" wardrobe items here.


Mid Thigh Short from Paper Heart



A dress is a perfect option for Singapore. Breathability is key here, look for linen, viscose and cotton fabrics for the best result. The right dress can take you from work to drinks, shopping to dinner, and is an easy whole outfit! We LOVE Dresses here at SCS and we love to see you wearing them, so make sure you snap a pic and tag us on Instagram

Check out our selection of Mini, Midi and Maxi Dress options. We try to stock mostly breathable fabrics as well, so you'll always find a lovely dress for the hot weather here at She Creates Stories. 


Dress Tori from Paper Heart

Pictured above the Tori Dress from Paper Heart. 


The Abby Dress from Palm Collective


Pictured above the Abby Dress from Palm Collective. 



Here at She Creates Stories, we are big fans of skirts and how versatile they are. They make us feel all feminine and pretty (even if we're having an off day). Singapore is a great place to wear skirts, and you can switch up the style depending on what top you co-ordinate with it (i.e. you can dress them up and down!). If you don’t have a thigh gap, then you might want to grab some shorts to put on underneath to prevent chafing, it's one of the annoying things about the humidity and NO ONE likes chafing. Choose a skirt in a breathable fabric in a mini, midi or maxi length for humidity busting style. 


Skirt Flora from Paper Heart


Pictured above the Freya Organic Cotton Skirt and More Amour Tee from Paper Heart. 



It goes without saying that you will need your Swimmers in Sing! There is water everywhere, whether you are hanging out at a beach club, the pool, or a public beach. Even some shopping centers have pools or water play parks on the roof! How good. I would invest in an easy to wear black one piece to be your swimwear wardrobe staple, then a fun printed one, or a bikini depending on what styling you like. 


Model wearing the Infamous Swim Gia Bikini Top and Ginger Bottoms

Pictured above the Gia Bikini top and the matching mini me annie rashie. Accessorize with the Tobie necklace from Jolie and Deen.

Check out our range from Infamous Swim and Mink Pink here... 

We LOVE swimwear brands that make you feel body confident and Infamous Swim is all about that! 


Casual Sandals

Fashionable and comfortable sandals are key in Singapore. Even better if they are made ethically and sustainably like our Mahli the label ones. A lot of local people here wear thongs/flip flops, so if you like those, they are a great option too. If you are looking for something a bit more fashionable check out the Texan Buckle Slides or the Dallas Sandals. 


Shop the Texan Buckle Slides at She Creates Stories in Hong Kong and Singapore

Pictured above, the Texan Buckle Slides from Mahli the Label.


Pictured above the Dallas Sandals from Mahli the Label.


A Breathable Shirt

Shirts are a strong favourite in hot climates. Make sure you choose a breathable fabric like Linen, and a button up style can also be used for layering over dresses as a cardigan, or tied up at the front, or tucked in - the options are many! A traditional solid colour shirt is a winner in this climate. Shop our shirts here. 

We love the Dafni Linen Shirt from Palm Collective. We have it in two colours white and pink! 


Model wearing the Dafni Shirt

Pictured above, the Dafni Blouse from Palm Collective in white. 

If you LOVE Linen it's also worth investing in a good quality pair of Linen Trousers. We love the Poolside pants from Palm Collective. Available in three colours. 

 Model wearing the poolside pants and the zoe top from Palm Collective

Pictured above the Poolside Pants and the Zoe Top. 


I hope these tips help you to plan your wardrobe for Singapore fun times! Enjoy, and don't forget to try a few Singapore Slings at the Raffles Long Bar. 

Love Bex x 



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