There is a real buzz about sustainability at the moment, and we are all for it! We still love fashion and if we can all work towards reducing our carbon footprint on the world, then we will be moving in the right direction. 


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How can I help? 

There are small lifestyle changes you can make to be more eco-friendly when it comes to your wardrobe. We all LOVE clothes, and these tips and tricks will help you prolong the life of your new threads, therefore reducing the amount that ends up in landfill. 


Shopping dresses in Singapore and Hong Kong


Hi I'm Bex and thinking consciously about what I buy for She Creates Stories is important to me. I like to champion brands who are doing their bit for the environment. Here I am holding the sustainable Monte 100% linen dress, ethically made in Bali from Palm Collective. We also send all our stock out in compostable mailers, and what's even better... they are PINK! 


Hero Mailers in Pink at She Creates Stories


Above, our beautiful hero pack mailers that your order will arrive in! 

1. Reuse 

This is easy to say, but soooo important. Have you thought about the costs per wear of your items? If that lovely dress you just bought, can be dressed up and down, worn with trainers and heels, a leather jacket and a denim jacket, it's usually a good bet! We're not saying don't splurge on a beautiful occasion dress, we all need these in our wardrobe, but make sure you'll wear it on a few different occasions. 


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2. Pass along to friends, family, Facebook marketplace. 

Once you're done with your item, you can prolong it's life by giving it to someone else who will also love it. This is a kind thing to do, and also a way of giving back to your local community. Share the love! 


Say yes to second hand, thrift your pre loved clothes to your friends from She Creates Stories


3. Sell it 

If your item has great resale value you can sell it on! This is a win win situation for you as you'll have more money in your pocket for your next shopping spree, and you're passing this pre loved item onto someone else who wants it. You can use websites like Refash, Retykle, Ebay etc. to sell your clothes. 


Refash sell your preloved clothing online and in store in Singapore


Check out Refash, a place to sell your preloved clothing online. 


4. Mend it 

Hemline come down? Front neckline not sitting perfectly? Strap come unstitched.... fear not! You need a GREAT seamstress on speed dial. Here are a couple of our favorites. If you're in Hong Kong try Berna (+852 9346 3860) and if you're in Singapore we love Gaby Makes (+65 8121 7216). Gaby is an amazing seamstress, and so very talented. Check out her instagram and Facebook pages. She can transform an item for you easily and her rates are reasonable. 


Gabi Makes | Amazing Seamstress in Singapore


Above is the lovely Gaby from Gabi Makes - our favourite seamstress in Singapore!

Check out her facebook page here and contact her if you want to arrange an appointment. 

5. Shop Sustainable Brands 

Sometimes it's not financially viable to always shop high price point sustainable brands, we get it. However, if you have the money, it's worth it. Sustainable brands are businesses who have chosen to make product in a more ethical and eco friendly way. They are NOT all about profits and driving their margins up and costs down. They care about values and the environment, and this way of manufacturing is more expensive. 

Here at She Creates Stories, we love sustainable brands, and business who are making an effort to move their processes in the right direction. We are always looking for more eco friendly brands to add to our brand mix. Some of our current favourites include Spell,  Mahli the Label and Palm Collective.  


White Sorrento Mini Dress from Mahli the Label made with sustainable Viscose fibres


Above is the Sorrento Mini Dress from Mahli the Label - made with Eco friendly viscose in an ethical factory in Bali. 


The Dallas Slides from Mahli the Label at She Creates Stories


We love the sustainable leather sandals from Mahli the label. Check out the Dallas slides here. More stock coming soon! Email us to register your interest at

Check out more products from our sustainable brands here....


6. Select local pick up 

If you can pick up your order from She Creates Stories, that's great, especially if you walk to get it. This reduces emissions! Every little helps! 

When you check out in Singapore - select local pick up, and you can collect your items from our Singapore Warehouse at your leisure. 


7. Read ALL about it! 

We love reading about sustainable life hacks, and there is no better book than Sustainably Stylish by Sheryl Bolden. Now available at She Creates Stories! One of our favourite sustainable influencers in Hong Kong @makemywardrobework, Sheryl really knows her stuff and this book is a must have for anyone wanting to make a lifestyle change. 


Sustainably stylish book by Sheryl Bolden


We love this book, and its straightforward layout. It makes the whole thing a delight to read, and digest. It's not too long either so you can knock it over in your free time quite quickly. We hope you enjoy it! It’s now available for you to order, you can shop it right here. 


 Sustainably Stylish


Thanks for reading the She Creates Stories blog, until next time lovelies! 

Bex x