5 easy ways to style a tank top

In the realm of fashion essentials, the tank top may not always steal the spotlight, but its understated versatility is a secret weapon for crafting numerous stylish looks. It is also a hot weather necessity! As with any wardrobe staple, the key lies in the nuances, so pay attention to cuts and fabrics that promise enduring style and limitless outfit possibilities.

1. Denim Delight

Paper Heart Strappy Briony Tank with SNDYS Nila Denim Skirt

Paper Heart Briony Tank with SNDYS Nila Denim Skirt

Pair your tank with classic blue jeans or denim shorts for a relaxed, everyday look. Elevate the denim game by matching it with a denim skirt, like SNDYS Nila Denim Skirt, for a timeless appeal and comfort.

2. Wide-Leg Pants

Tigerlily Paloma Hanalei Pant & Label of Love Sophia Pant

Tigerlily Paloma Hanalei Pant & Label of Love Sophia Pant

Tuck your tank into tailored wide-leg pants for an effortlessly sophisticated vibe that seamlessly transitions from day to night, or alternatively embrace the laid-back charm of palzzo pants.

3. Monochrome Elegance

Paper Heart Contrast Tank & SNDYS Brooklyn Suit Pant

Paper Heart Contrast Tank with SNDYS Brooklyn Suit Pants

Create a sleek and modern look by opting for a monochrome ensemble. Pair the Paper Heart Contrast Tank with tailored pants in a similar shade to elongate your silhouette, recreating the old money aesthetic. This tank is also available in white with black contrast. 

4. Layered Chic

Paper Heart Briony Tank with Label of Love Sophia Pant and SNDYS Brooklyn Suit Pant

Paper Heart Tank with Label of Love Sophia Pant and SNDYS Brooklyn Suit Pant

Transform your tank top into a style chameleon with layering. Throw on a trendy biker jacket, a casual shirt, or a stylish blazer to add a touch of chic to your tank ensemble.

5. Print Perfection

Label of Love Vienna Print Pant

Label of Love Vienna Print Pant

Why stick to solids when you can embrace the joy of prints? Elevate your tank top ensemble by exploring the colourful world of prints. Pair it with printed pants that effortlessly blend comfort and style, creating a statement look.

Paper Heart Lucia Skirt & Paper Heart Kyria Skirt

Paper Heart Lucia Skirt & Paper Heart Kyria Skirt

Dive into skirts adorned with captivating prints from our She Creates Stories collection. From florals to abstract designs, let your tank top shine amidst a symphony of prints.

There you have it — easy, chic, and versatile ways to style your tank top! Explore our collection to discover the perfect tank tops and bottoms to curate your unique style story. 


Bex x

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